Centeno Family… A Day at Koe Skatepark//Nagasaki



Oh my gunness… Where do I start.

I met Cassie a couple of months ago on the school playground… She was chasing around her youngest son, Ares, with such a playful attitude that is almost rare to see sometimes in mamas by the end of the day… I was drawn to her. Seriously. Moth to a flame. Read More

Tsugan otoshi Falls


The first day of our Summer Break with Dad. And it was perfect.

This past Spring Break the kids and I ventured out to Saikai… We discovered a few gems we knew we would want to share with Dad while he was home, and Tsugane Falls was up there on the list…

Read More

Ikitsuki Island and Hirado Castle


Ok, so its a longer post then usual, but it was an amazing day of exploration with the bebes and one we wouldnt want to forget!!

We took on Ikitsuki Island… Read More

His first 24 hours back home with us…


I honestly cant even tell you the last time Iv smiled so much…. This past week has been absolute bliss.

Im a big believer in distance makes the heart grow fonder, and this deployment proved just that… After 8 1/2 years of marriage, 4 kids, countless deployments, and 2 moves overseas, our respect, devotion, appreciation, and love for each other is stronger then ever… Its like we are giddy and 24 again… Lets see if we can keep this up til the next one, since it feels right around the corner! Insert pouty face. Read More

Afternoon at Shirahama Beach


I swear, each beach we seem to discover here in Japan is just as, if not more, beautiful then the last… Or maybe its just that we visit them at different times of the day, under different phases of the moon… Or the feeling and present state of mind we are in are unique onto themselves… Either way, every coastline we visit here in Japan can take you away, can reset your mind and energy… Shirahama did just that… Read More

Tour of Our Japanese Home…


Our little Japanese Home….

Ok, so I cleaned my house today… Hmmmm that sounds like Im usually messy, not the case, but I do have 4 kids and there is always a pile of laundry on the couch, there are always dishes in the sink, and toys are usually littering the floor… But today I picked it up to at least get a few shots of the house so someday we can look back and remember this time we lived in a Cho! Read More

Tenkaiho Park// Sasebo


This weekend we found some seriously beautiful spots within 20 mins to Sasebo Main Base… The first one was Tenkaiho Park which overlooks Kujukushima, 99 islands! Read More