A Backyard Picnic with MALVI// MALLOW


Why hello gooey treats…… Today Im going to take a moment to brag on your wee little delish-ness in my teensy corner of the Web!

For those of you who haven’t been introduced to the world of MALVI, lemme edumicate ya! (because in all honesty I have just discovered what a delight they are!)


MALVI Mallow is a little company based outa my Hubby’s home town of Atlanta… They make these adorable little shortbread, marshmellowy squares that are to me just so stylish and cute! A friend of mine in Japan has a mild obsession with them, so when Malvi was searching for some bloggers to sample some goodies, she made sure I knew about it! Thank you Tammy…. as always, your a rockstar <3

You can read all about them on their website! http://www.malvimallow.com


So when the box came in the mail stamped “Fluffy Cubes of Joy” I bout jumped to the stars! Oh Joy it shall be!

1st things 1st… Im a SUCKER for some cute Packaging, and Malvi does just that! They let their mallow cookies shine with clear packaging in bold//fun print, and I love love love the box!

I knew right off that I would be doing a shoot with my kids for this post… And they were AMPED, even before the sugar high, to dive right in! That being said tho, for those of you who do follow my blog, you know Im an ingredient freak… I wont feed them artificial food, and I watch all additives… So I was ecstatic to see that the ingredients used in Malvis’ are all natural! Trust me, I checked.. So Mom’s happy, lets move on!!


Laura, the darling baker behind this madness, sent me an assortment to try! We received Peppermint//Chocolate, Raspberry//Hibiscus, Vanilla//Salted Caramel, and Chocolate mini Mallows… Not gobbling them up right out the package was a challenge for me… So beautiful and yummy smelling! o Self Control, be my friend today…

Ok well it wasn’t for long, as I sprinkled some of the choco minis with some shaved organic unsweetened coconut over Haggen Dazs Vanilla bean ice cream…. Dreamy! annnndwoofed this down before the kids even came home from school! Don’t judge…


My vision was to try to get some shots of my 2 oldest kiddos enjoying these Mallows! So an after school, backyard picnic was just the ticket! (Do people still say that?? Makes me think of Patrick Dempsey in “Sweet Home Alabama”… <3)


Keeping it simple and fun, just my style…. a blanket, a tree stump, and some perty gold lighting….


Don’t touch yet kiddos!!


Ok you may dive in…. hehe love the tease of desert they cant yet touch! Mean Mom…




My little supermodel…. How do you wear your Malvi??? totally her idea! Goon.



He LOVED the Vanilla!! Can I say these treats are FUN too! I really wish we had like a backyard campfire going! O we’da smored it up!! Maybe next time…




Ok I guess its safe to say that “Kid tested, mama approved” definitely works here! My Madison and Rye Guy had a blast chowin down… I just sat back and shot….

I highly recommend ya’ll give this shop a try! From the customer service, to the taste, and the ingredients, your sure to be satisfied! Ill be looking into ordering oddles of these for upcoming birthdays and parties!! Did you see that they cater for the ATL area???

So be sure to check them out… on their website, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and IG!


Thank you so much Malvi!! Till next time… xoxo

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