DIY Teepee for my Tea-Bird…. Yep Ima Popular Mom right now!

IMG_2440copy copy

My littlest Bug turned 4 this month…. It has been a hard transition for me, my youngest is no longer a baby… no longer a toddler…. she is growing at a rapid rate that is tearing my heart to pieces, as it did when my other 2 kiddos reached this milestone.


Finding a gift this year for her Birthday presented quite a challenge for Mr. Lewey and I… We googled and peeked at stores, racking our brains for something unique that would “Wow” her… Our Teagan is more into writing and drawing then anything else… plays “5 little friends jumping on the bed” or does a puzzle or 2… she likes to count, everything, or read a story, so this presents a challenge! She has tons of books, art supplies.. stuffed animals are taking over the house! We thought maybe a new bike to replace her Radio Flyer Tricycle?? A small slide for the backyard?? But lets face it, it is over 100 degrees here in Florida and that just sounds miserable to ME! ha… sooooooo while searching dollhouses (which her Great Grandpa may build her) I came across a DIY teepee from! heres the link:


(Tea playing 5 little monkeys :))


And Mr Harvey thinking this is his new playhouse…. O bubba….

So I didnt exactly follow the tutorials… Its like trying to follow a recipe.. cant seem to do it right, so I just got some ideas…


What i did was hit up Lowes- I found me a man in blue to help with the lumber— Six 3/4″ x 6ft lumber cuts and a 9’x12′ drop canvas…

Rummaged my garage for some laundry rope, my craft room for some cardstock, paint, and leather, and my yarn basket for some jersey yarn.

Whole project cost me about $30!!!

Hubby sanded down the poles for me so the kids wouldnt get any splinters, we cut the canvas per these instructions: however I didnt use the no sew approach… it took 5 mins with my sewing machine to hem the ends…

I assembled the poles together, added some ties, then used some stencils and paint for detail.. I cut out some feathers from the cardstock and painted a few for an added touch. Hung them with hemp rope.

Accessorized with paper lights found at Target, lots of pillows and blankets, and of course tons of stuffed animals and books for the bug…


IMG_2531 copy

IMG_2537 copy

IMG_2541 copy



IMG_2574 copy

O that little stinker face!!

IMG_2592 copy

So after about a week of my kids in my studio, tearing up the joint playing in the new “fort” I decided it was time to move it down to our little Misses room…. I had to dis-assemble her bed (the frame, head and foot board are now living happily in the garage) but she is thrilled! She now has a “Tee-pee Bed” which she wont get out of, or stop jumping on!! O the fun to be had….. she can have her big girl bed back sometime down the road, but for now my sweetheart, let your imagination run wild and free….


IMG_2602 copy

Scary Lion Dog… haha

“Ill Eat You Up// I Love You So”

Till next time… xoxo

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