Tea’s Woodland Deer Costume…


Ok its October 25th…. Aaaaannnnndddd I only have on costume made… and 4 kids! Oops…

Im stoopid busy these days, but I still have a few TRICKS up my sleeves, her-her get it?? So even if I pull an all nighter this weekend, my kids will look awesome for Hollows Night!!

Teagan’s costume however did get made up early this year! Back when I had time to breath, and craft! She decided to be a little Woodland Deer… We are reading some sweet stories these days about woodland animals and the forest, so of course I was all over this!

I took her shopping with me, mainly to keep her excited in the process of creating her costume so she wouldnt change her mind and want to be a Monkey or Cinderella last minute!

This was seriously the easiest costume! I really wish I would have documented the process of putting it together… whole thing took maybe 2 hours!


Materials for the antlers:

Cheap plastic head band

pipe cleaners

brown paper bag


faux fur

modge podge


hot glue

and I made felt flowers and added some moss…

Here is a tutorial I found! https://laurenconrad.com/blog/2015/10/hocus-pocus-my-halloween-costume-party-animal/

Love me some LC crafts… <3 I had most of this on-hand so cost like $2


For the costume I used a dance leo— Tea wanted pink so that was easy enough! Grabbed one from Walmart and some knit tights…

I cut out small circles from white felt and hot glued them to the back for her spots, made a little felt/faux fur tail to match the headband, then cut a large oval from the faux fur and glued it to the front… I had extra fur so made a little cape and tied with ribbon as well…

Tip: the Joann Fabrics lady told me use a razor and cut the fabric from the backing! Then you dont cut the actual fur! Genius…. So dang easy too!



Whole costume cost about $30 and I think she looks darling! She cant wait for Halloween this year!

I hope you all have a fabulous Holiday with your little Monsters as well!

And stay tuned… I have alot to share!!


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