Life- Under Construction

Ok so the title of this post may be confusing… We arent renovating or building a home, but dust is settling in a manner of speaking.

Lets face it, Life gets messy. At one time or another we get completely caught up in this chaotic world, loosing site of who we are, what we really want… We become entangled in social media, technology, work, expectations of others, drowning in laundry! Drowning in stuff.

Im finding clarity… We are little by little downsizing our entire home… This task has been overwhelming at times, but completely refreshing! Im going from room to room boxing up items for charity, gifting and giving away clothes, furniture, toys, TONS of books, etc… We are keeping the items we love, being much more conscious of what we are purchasing (ethically and made in USA as much as possible) and changing our way of living.

But the declutter is stretching from beyond the tangible…. The digital downsize is the most daunting, yet most therapeutic. I am reading a book right now called “Big Magic” by Liz Gilbert (Im sure you’ve heard of it)… Maybe its something iv read, or inturperted from her words, but I am completely inspired to get back to a simpler life,  find the creativity that drives me again, slow down and drink in all of this life in its current moment and not feel bogged down by pressure of all my creative endevors. I do it to myself. Im a gypsy at heart with a sagittarius soul and its all crashing!

With that being said, 2017 is bringing the changes I really want… Maybe the clarity hit during my last pregnancy, in some psycho nesting fit, or maybe its now being in my 30’s, or a seasoned mom of 4, or taking more walks in the fresh air in a half sleep coma… Maybe its a combination of it all, but its welcome.

Im starting the digital downsize by finally taking this tired Blog and making it my Hub. I want to write about our holistic lifestyle, raising 4 kids, share recipes again… talk about photography, cloth diapering, making laundry soap!  I will attach a shop to it for my creations (that will be another post!) Ill be de-activating my FB Fan Page, deleting my Etsy Store, and only using IG for social media… (I like it better ;)) Im cleaning out the computer, the back up, the website, the IG, the phone, the photos… it all. Im de-activating apps on my phone so that Im not tempted to check as often, Im having actual conversations with friends instead of text and FB. Im getting back to family and setting an example for my kids… Because in this digital world, I want us to be the exception.  I want to get back to Nature. I want to get back to Family. I want to get back to US. I want to fly paper air planes more.


Its still a process that is organically evolving… It will be weeks, maybe months to get where I want it to be. Anyone want to be my assistant?? Theres no pay involved, but ill bake you some cookies!

Please, just stay tuned…. If anyone is reading this.

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