Piper.. A Tea & Story Doll

Little Piper….

My daughter has been snooping around the craft room for weeks now, peeking at the dolls Iv been working on, asking if the will be for her… Makes my heart happy that she loves them so, but I have a few I would like to share with the world… Here is Piper’s Story <3

“A Grandfather Red Wood Tree is home to a little girl named Piper. She naps on strong branches, shaded under leaves of crimson and amber, humming a flutey song to her feathered neighbors. At twilight she sets off to venture along the forest floor.. She prances softly, leaving behind a trail of seeds with each light step, budding flowers to blanket the ground for the arrival of Spring…

The dawn of morning brings her back to the tree, where she will rest, day dreaming of a companion to twirl among the poppies, a friend to share her song… She found one in you…”





This Doll was created with inspiration from my daughters… Watching them walk in tall grass around the corner from our house, flowers still blooming in February. She is made of linen and cotton, embellished with Japanese crocheted lace, espresso stained wooden buttons, and little hand embroidered touches… Her hair is 100% Peruvian Wool. She is created with love, a one of a kind, for someone very special…. xoxo

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