Jolene… A Tea & Story Doll…


She is an idea that I have had in my heart for a while… At night, my Teagan and I make up Night Time Tales, ones of animals and girls who have wings… Reaching for the Moon. Jolene is created from fragments of these stories… She is Magic <3

“Deep in the South, a full Moon is lighting up an indigo sky… Crickets are chirping on blades of long grass while wildflowers sway along with the songs of night, catching lyrics carried by the wind… Jolene sits up in the hollow of a tree. She sings with a gentle voice, folktales of woodland friends, the doe and the owl… She plucks stars from the sky to keep in her satchel, for they will carry her songs into the dreams of the creatures that surround her.

By day, Jolene seeks out a girl among the grasslands.. A companion to share her duet… She is searching for you…”






This sweet doll was created with my daughters… She has many little details to make her completely unique and one of a kind. She is made of linen, cotton and wool, embellished with hand stitched embroidery… Her pixie hat is made from an up-cycled sweater and a beautiful soft flannel… Her amazing teal hair is 100% Peruvian wool. Her clothes are removable. She is ready to be loved and make many memories with someone special… <3


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