Everly… A Tea & Story Doll


I was sitting outside with my kids one afternoon a few weeks ago on a knit blanket in the grass… It was warm, yet the ground was cool. We watched carpenter bees pollinating the little flower bushes that line the front of our house and ate chocolate chip cookies… My girls played with sticks and leaves and a Pooh Bear music box my husband brought back from Hong Kong, while my son did sword play with his friends using tree limbs… I love these afternoons… They are simple, yet completely precious.

My dolls come together organically, usually inspired by little moments, like this one, I have with my kids, that may even end up being one of our night-time tales… Here is one about Everly <3



Sweet Everly is made with cotton and linen… Her hair is 100% Peruvian Wool. She is embellished with hand embroidery and wooden buttons… Everly comes with a jumper made of linen and japanese crocheted lace, stocking boots, a hand crocheted wool sweater and an up-cycled wool bonnet, embellished with hand stitched felt flower. She also has a satchel for collecting flowers…

She is ready for a child to shower her with love <3

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