Finding Me Once Again….

Its time.

When Astoria was born I told myself I would devote to her a whole year. I would soak up my last baby with every ounce of my being… Feel my heart stretch and spill over.. Allow adjustment to a life with 4 children, and be completely present in all moments. I know it seems weird that I would put a time-limit on this, but for me it was necessary… I didnt want to feel pressure to jump back into my old routine, to keep up with my shop, to photograph strangers.

But now here I am… Loving everything about being a full time mama, but feeling slightly lost in my own identity. Im ready to seep back into my passion, to learn and grow, to create art in pictures. This past year I feel that I have really found my style of photography by just watching and capturing my children, their interactions, their play. I want my images to tell stories for others the way that they talk to me. I want to share something pure.

And maybe I want to flip my hair around ;)

I took these photos this morning while the sky was angry… Just a dirt road, a little wind, and my sweet baby girl. Perfect combination of a true moment.

Its a re-newed journey, and Im jumping in with both feet! Stay tuned… xoxox

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