Primrose & Adalaide

A new burst of creativity has recently hit me! The timing seems almost crazy since I havent had a moment alone to just breath lately… Its the end of school so we have field trips and field days, one kid graduating from Kindergarten, and another from 5th grade… Karate and Band and teething, OH MY! And even tho I see our Summer as being filled to the brim as well, Iv been really trying to dedicate time to myself…

This past 2 weeks I finished up 2 dolls! Thats good for me! haha Im so proud of them, and keeping Teagan from stealing them has been a challenge (her Birthday is in a few weeks so she will be getting another one <3)

The 1st little beauty is Primrose… IMG_5996-EditIMG_5999-Edit copyIMG_6001-Edit copyIMG_6004-Edit copyIMG_6008-Edit-2 copyIMG_6017-Edit copyI absolutely love her…

Then there is Adalaide <3

IMG_6141-Edit copyIMG_6145-Edit copyIMG_6159-Edit copyIMG_6161-EditIMG_6163-Edit copyIm just swooning for her blue hair…

Most of the names we have given these dolls are from our ‘Baby Name’ list when we were pregnant with Astoria… <3

Both dolls are completely OOAK, along with their stories… They are made with linen and cotton materials, completely handcrafted by me, with hours f love poured into each… They are ready to find their forever home, and a companion who is full of imagination and adventure…

I hope you like them!


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