Mother’s Day trip to the Nursery…


Mother’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year… I always feel appreciated, my kids are trying to be on their best behavior, and husband spoils me completely… This year, I cant lie, I was beat. I decided to choose this particular weekend of all weekends to wean Astoria into her own room. She has been co-sleeping with us for the last 14 months, and although it has been wonderful up to this point, we are no longer getting any sleep…. Its hot, our bed is to small, my boobs are killing me, and she is restless. So Mother’s Sunday I was beyond tired… I had been up for almost 48 hrs, aside from some cat naps here and there… What was I thinking, right??

But the day came anyhow, and I still had that beautiful feeling I get each year of pure pride! These littles, they’re mine. I made them. Im raising them to be exactly whoever they want to be.. This is by far the most amazing thing I will do with this life Iv been given, and I completely drown into all of its love and challenges… I didnt want the day to be a waste so I got up, walked the dog, had a little extra coffee (cant believe I choose that week to try and give it up! HA! Back to being an addict for a while longer) and decided that I wanted to visit the nursery that morning before the Florida humidity set in and the exhaustion washed back over me…

I had never been to the nursery here in Crestview, sadly, for it was incredible… Greenhouse after greenhouse filled with flowers and fruits and herbs. Gardens of Maple trees and honeysuckle and gardenias… I could have watched the girls run from flower to flower, smelling sweet scents and touching soft petals all day. The dragonflies and butterflies were out showing off their colors, bees were buzzing from one bushel of lillies to the next… It was a perfect morning…

A place we will be visiting much more often now that we know this little gem is right here in town…

IMG_6754-Edit copyIMG_6790-EditIMG_6836-Edit copyIMG_6903-Edit copyIMG_6844-EditIMG_6841-Edit copyIMG_6861-EditIMG_6858-Edit copyIMG_6859-Edit copyIMG_6809-EditIMG_6821-Edit copyIMG_6819-Edit copyIMG_6872-Edit copyIMG_6870-EditIMG_6737-EditIMG_6878-Edit copyIMG_6880-Edit copyIMG_6881-Edit copyIMG_6890-Edit copyIMG_6896-Edit copyIMG_6766-EditIMG_6923-Edit copyIMG_6922-Edit copyIMG_6913-Edit copyIMG_6777-EditIMG_6785-Edit

Im so greatful for another year I have spent raising these babes, being part of their everyday lives, living in their heart the way they do in mine… IMG_6934-Edit copy

To the Moon….. xoxo


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