Spring Break// Home movie for Dad…


Lets just out right say it, deployment blows… This is only the first of however many we will endure while being here in Japan, and we are pretty over it… But its part of the gig Hubby chose and I support and were barreling through the best we know how… Read More

Huis Ten Bosch


Theres an attraction about 5 minutes from our house called Huis Ten Bosch… We drive by it everyday on our way to school, admiring the dutch architecture from afar, the flowers through the gates… Its a theme park here on Kyushu, done in a Netherlands style, housing large buildings, a clock tower, huge Ferris wheel, shops and restaurants, and fun attractions for the kiddos! We are waiting until Dad returns to do the full sh-bang, but a couple of weeks ago the kids and I ventured a small area of the park, Harbour Zone… Read More

This is fourteen…..

Do you remember this place?? This fleeting piece of adolescence?? When the girl becomes more of a woman?? When your whole world is changing daily??

My daughter is here. And she is blowing my mind. Yes, she is awkward, silly, unsure, emotional, struggling with the limbo of maturity, but she knows who SHE is, and she wont let anyone change her… She has total respect for her body and will out-right tell you she just isnt ready for “boys” or any of the romantic crushing girls her age are into… (Yet and thank goodness!!! She is turning them away! And talking to me about it in detail!) She is artistic and musical and goofy and still holding onto every little piece of youth she can, which is completely encouraged by me, because its a time in your life that is so short and you wont ever get back. She makes big and bold decisions, like her recent veganism, and some of her views on life and where she wants to go and what she wants to do just wow me…

Yes, I wear Mom Goggles, but by golly I am so proud of this beautiful girl, my first born, my pal, my best friend….

I took some photos of her hanging in her room the other day when she stole my flowers I brought home from the shop around the corner… Wearing my old jeans and one of my tanks…

DH2A0918 Read More

A Day at Oseto Beach


We found a little slice of paradise here on Kyushu last weekend…

The kids and I loaded up the van with a picnic full of sandwiches and fruit, a blanket, and a new play list, and took the one hour drive through the mountains to Oseto Beach… Read More

Story is turning 2…. Home Movie


Our little Bean is turning 2 and my heart can barely stand it…. I could just go on and on about the joy she has brought to our lives… How incredible she is… How I feel like the most blessed Mama that Mother Nature gifted her little soul to me. She rounds out our family is such an awesome way, always keeping us laughing and always so joyful…. Read More

Winter is letting up….


Winter in Japan is no joke folks… No we dont get tons of snow or ice, and the temps aren’t to far below freezing, but its WINDY and cold and wet. And although I hate to complain (we all do it) its been slightly miserable… We didnt come prepared with the right jackets and shoes for this, our house is always cold, and my husband is not here to keep me warm.. (dont be dirty!) So Spring showing its face around the island has me spirited and giddy! Read More

Nagasaki// Chinese Lantern Fest- Part 2

IMG_5479 copy

Last weekend we made our first trip down to Nagasaki… You may have already seen my last post where I created a short video of clips from our day at the Chinese Lantern Fest… You can find it here: https://leweysnest.wordpress.com/2018/02/25/chinese-lantern-festival-nagasaki/

So Ill call this Part 2! Read More