Primrose & Adalaide

A new burst of creativity has recently hit me! The timing seems almost crazy since I havent had a moment alone to just breath lately… Its the end of school so we have field trips and field days, one kid graduating from Kindergarten, and another from 5th grade… Karate and Band and teething, OH MY! And even tho I see our Summer as being filled to the brim as well, Iv been really trying to dedicate time to myself…

This past 2 weeks I finished up 2 dolls! Thats good for me! haha Im so proud of them, and keeping Teagan from stealing them has been a challenge (her Birthday is in a few weeks so she will be getting another one <3)

The 1st little beauty is Primrose… IMG_5996-Edit Continue reading

Just Another Beach Day…

^^^^^^^Press Play ^^^^^^^IMG_4836-Edit copy

The Paper Kites always plays in my head when Im photographing my kids exploring and running free in nature…. Hence the song at the top <3

This past Friday afternoon our whole family piled in the car and took a trip to the beach… We knew storms were rolling in for the weekend and there is nothing better to me in Florida then a cloud filled sky. Continue reading

Finding Me Once Again….

Its time.

When Astoria was born I told myself I would devote to her a whole year. I would soak up my last baby with every ounce of my being… Feel my heart stretch and spill over.. Allow adjustment to a life with 4 children, and be completely present in all moments. I know it seems weird that I would put a time-limit on this, but for me it was necessary… I didnt want to feel pressure to jump back into my old routine, to keep up with my shop, to photograph strangers. Continue reading

Vegan Spinach Banana Muffins….

Ok so these have become a staple in my house…. My kids seriously cannot stop eating them! They make a fantastic snack on the go, or little treat, or hell even breakfast! I make them at least once a week and today finally caught some photos of Story stuffing her sweet little face!

IMG_2352-Edit copy

I make these muffins with really whatever I have on hand, so the recipe is versatile :) Ill try to add in the ingredients you can sub, or that I have used and have worked… But here was todays version!

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Everly… A Tea & Story Doll


I was sitting outside with my kids one afternoon a few weeks ago on a knit blanket in the grass… It was warm, yet the ground was cool. We watched carpenter bees pollinating the little flower bushes that line the front of our house and ate chocolate chip cookies… My girls played with sticks and leaves and a Pooh Bear music box my husband brought back from Hong Kong, while my son did sword play with his friends using tree limbs… I love these afternoons… They are simple, yet completely precious.

My dolls come together organically, usually inspired by little moments, like this one, I have with my kids, that may even end up being one of our night-time tales… Here is one about Everly <3


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