Vegan Spinach Banana Muffins….

Ok so these have become a staple in my house…. My kids seriously cannot stop eating them! They make a fantastic snack on the go, or little treat, or hell even breakfast! I make them at least once a week and today finally caught some photos of Story stuffing her sweet little face!

IMG_2352-Edit copy

I make these muffins with really whatever I have on hand, so the recipe is versatile :) Ill try to add in the ingredients you can sub, or that I have used and have worked… But here was todays version!

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Everly… A Tea & Story Doll


I was sitting outside with my kids one afternoon a few weeks ago on a knit blanket in the grass… It was warm, yet the ground was cool. We watched carpenter bees pollinating the little flower bushes that line the front of our house and ate chocolate chip cookies… My girls played with sticks and leaves and a Pooh Bear music box my husband brought back from Hong Kong, while my son did sword play with his friends using tree limbs… I love these afternoons… They are simple, yet completely precious.

My dolls come together organically, usually inspired by little moments, like this one, I have with my kids, that may even end up being one of our night-time tales… Here is one about Everly <3


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Jolene… A Tea & Story Doll…


She is an idea that I have had in my heart for a while… At night, my Teagan and I make up Night Time Tales, ones of animals and girls who have wings… Reaching for the Moon. Jolene is created from fragments of these stories… She is Magic <3

“Deep in the South, a full Moon is lighting up an indigo sky… Crickets are chirping on blades of long grass while wildflowers sway along with the songs of night, catching lyrics carried by the wind… Jolene sits up in the hollow of a tree. She sings with a gentle voice, folktales of woodland friends, the doe and the owl… She plucks stars from the sky to keep in her satchel, for they will carry her songs into the dreams of the creatures that surround her.

By day, Jolene seeks out a girl among the grasslands.. A companion to share her duet… She is searching for you…”

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Piper.. A Tea & Story Doll

Little Piper….

My daughter has been snooping around the craft room for weeks now, peeking at the dolls Iv been working on, asking if the will be for her… Makes my heart happy that she loves them so, but I have a few I would like to share with the world… Here is Piper’s Story <3

“A Grandfather Red Wood Tree is home to a little girl named Piper. She naps on strong branches, shaded under leaves of crimson and amber, humming a flutey song to her feathered neighbors. At twilight she sets off to venture along the forest floor.. She prances softly, leaving behind a trail of seeds with each light step, budding flowers to blanket the ground for the arrival of Spring…

The dawn of morning brings her back to the tree, where she will rest, day dreaming of a companion to twirl among the poppies, a friend to share her song… She found one in you…”


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She’s Thirteen.


Im just in AWE.

Maybe partly because we have made it this far, and I know some of you mamas out there feel me! Raising girls is beautifully terrifying… well, at least for me it has been. I became pregnant with my Madison Paige when I was just a teen myself… Having a child that young is not ideal, however she completely changed my life. She saved my soul. She made me a mother. She was my calling…

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