Tea & Story Dolls

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Making a difference, One toy at a time….

My journey of creating hand-made goodies started back in 2011 when my 3rd child, Teagan, was born… The thought of her having a couple of items designed and crafted with love and care, that we would keep in our family for years to come, was very important to me.

With my 4th child, Astoria (“Story”), born this past year, this same dream has evolved. We have become a family who is Eco conscious, purchasing ethically made goods, being minimalists in our home, filling our lives with quality over quantity… We recycle and up-cycle… We seek out the crafters..

Tea & Story is something I want to share… Hand-crafted dolls made with quality, care, and love… Each Tea & Story Doll is completely unique and One of a Kind… They come with a Tale, written in collaboration with my eldest and middle daughter… This is a family affair, where inspiration is pulled from each of my beautiful kids… These dolls will become your daughters best friend, their comfort companion… In a world of “Made in China”, end up in a landfill plastic, we are getting back to the art of making toys. Im joining our beautiful hand-made community with new eyes, and new hands.

You will also see some of my hats (since thats where this whole jouney began!) and lovies in my shop…

Children have a beautiful mind filled with imagination, and Play is where Creativity begins!

Stay tuned <3